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Small Fandoms ~ For Finding Other Fans of Things a
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Are you a fan of a book/movie/anime/manga/cartoon/writer/etc. that just doesn't seem to have a fandom online?
Are you looking to meet other fans of your obscure fandoms?

That's what Small Fandoms is for!

The rules are pretty simple:
1) Look for your fandom on the List O' Fandoms first and foremost. If your fandom is there, comment to meet others in that fandom!

1) Your fandom absent to the party? Post a new post with your fandom in the subject line and in the tags.
2) Talk about whatever about that fandom in your post. Your favorite character, your favorite quote, what you like about the series, share some pictures (but LJ-cut those huge ones), whatever.
3) All posts will go onto the List O' Fandoms so other fans can find meet and greet with fans of their fandoms too! :)